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Dirk Returns - AGAIN!

Dirk Galaxy - Space Detective returns with brand new adventures.  If you're haven't listened to Dirk Galaxy before, we invite you to listen to our previous episodes. 


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------------Previous Episodes:-------------

Episode 1  (November,1998)

Episode 2   (December, 1998)

Episode 3   (February, 1999)

Episode 4   (May, 1999)

Episode 5   (June, 1999)

Episode 6   (July, 1999)

Episode 7   (August, 1999)

Episode 8   (October, 1999)

Episode 9 - "RF A-NOISE or...Come Along with Me and Take a Taxi Honey."   (November, 1999)

Episode 10 - "Two Flew Into a Kook's Nest" or "A loan on the phone?"   (December, 1999)

Episode 11 - "The Great Gait of Sheena or Horsin' a Round... (or two)"   (January, 2000)

Episode 12 - "I Pagliacci or Nobody Nose the Trouble I've Seen"   (March, 2000)

Episode 13 - "The Rocky Road to Nowhere or Nut Raps For Three"   (May, 2000)

Episode 14 - "The Perils of Pomade or Past Tense, Present Pizza, Future Perfect"   (July, 2000)

Episode 15 - "Color Me Chiaroscuro or One Chair Broiled Spencer, Please"   (September, 2000)

Episode 16 - "A Witch in Time or A Sweep in the Deep"   (Halloween, 2000)

Episode 17 - "Circus Of Clones, Part I"   (June, 2001)

Episode 18 - "Circus Of Clones, Part II"   (October, 2001)

Episode 19 - "Vacation's Over"   (January, 2003)


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