Dirk Galaxy News

Updated 7/27/00

Welcome to the Dirk Galaxy News Page.


We've recently moved to a new hosting server, which provides us with a real RealAudio Server, and a great deal more serving capability.  In fact, we can now stream over 20,000 episodes per  month without a penalty. That should take care of us for a while, even without a sponsor.  This Fall, we will be making a serious effort to keep to our "One-Episode-Per-Month" schedule, and making other improvements.  

Thanks again to all of you who have sent emails of appreciation.  My apologies to everyone that I have not replied to.  (I still have your letters, and I will send you personal thanks one of these days.) 




Welcome to the new Dirk Galaxy Website. We're just getting set up here.

Thanks to all of you who've sent emails and guestbook entries from at the old site. Due to all the requests for more frequent episodes, we're attempting to arrange to do just that. Right now, our goal is currently to produce a new episode each month. If we find a sponsor, we'll be able to produce more frequently -- perhaps, eventually, a daily episode.

For the time being, we're all pretty busy, and we need to produce the show on a part-time basis. We also need to be pretty careful that we don't get too many fans - believe it or not, streaming media costs to send -- not much, (only about two-thenths of a cent per episode) but if Dirk were to become some sort of a "hit" before we find a way to pay for this, we'd have to shut down after about 10,000 episodes are played each month. We're currently a long ways from that, but we still have to be kinda' careful we don't get too popular too quickly. On the other hand, If we do get sponsorship, we'll need a lot more than 10,000 episodes played per month in order to make Dirk worthwhile to the sponsor. (Whew!) So, we'll be looking for a sponsor to try to pick up some of the costs before Dirk gets too popular.

More to come. Again, thanks.


-The Dirk Galaxy - Space Detective production team.